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Belgian Beer Tasting Offer £10

Belgium Beer Offer
Belgium Beer Offer

Moinette Ambree. 8.5% 330ml 

Moinerte Ambree is a top fermented better that is refermented in the bottle. Its colour, aroma and flavour are thanks to the blend of five different malts used in the brewing process.This is a harmonious and refreshing beer in which is the aromas of special malts end line hops dominate whilst the fruit and bitter flavours give Moinene Ambree its beautiful balance.

Petrus Aged Pale 7.3% 330ml

Aged? Many beers have a long maturation, but this one has only 24-36 months in oak barrels. Pale? This beer has an old gold to bronze colour. rather than the burgundy more common in the breweries of West Flanders. This is the ‘motlier beer.’ used in various quantities to blend ,with the other Petrus beers. and lo give them their unique and very distinctive taste. This mother beer is rather sour with a bite like the best Brut Champagnes. A connoisseur’s delight!

Saison Dupont 6.5% 330ml

The Saison Dupont is a top fermentation beer with refermentation in the bottle. Since 1844, this beer has been brewed in our farm-brewery, during the winter lime. Then U1is beer became a second refermentation in the barrel. Coppery blond, the finest aromas and a strong bitterness transform this beer into a thirst-quenchener with no equal, just the way it was created. Our selection of yeasts is the perfect base for these typical aromas and ditto taste. A real refermentation in the bottle, which will
continue for a long time in your cellar. result into this complex and particular aromatic beer.

Duchesse De Bourgogne 6.2% 330ml

This Flemish red from Verhaeghe is truly unique. The amber beer is brewed in the normal fashion and then put into oak barrels for many years to take on that oak character and tum slowly sour. It has a wonderful oak and cherry aroma, with a hint of balsamic vinegar. Tt starts beautifully sweet and melts away into a soft, sour cherry-like beer known as a Flemish Red.

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